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Member Advocacy Help

This page is being provided to help members help other members. If you are unsure of the path to follow when asked to assist a member, look here first!

More info will be appearing here.  But if you need specific information, please fill out the form on the home page or contact your site representative.

The chart below was provided by our Advocacy Chair Frank Bock.  It provides an excellent starting point and path to follow for members in need. Click here to download it for use at your site.

All Representatives should be using the Advocacy Intake Form any time you are asked to assist a member.  This form will not only help you AND your member, but will also serve as a reference point should the issue escalate further. 

*** It is important to remember that ALL information on the form should remain PROTECTED  to prevent a variety of legal complications that may or may not follow.****

Click HERE to Print a blank form.  

Click on the form below to open a LIVE online form.

You WILL be able to SAVE, PRINT, or SUBMIT

after completing the form.

Please note: 

Some items are required for online submission!

While in the LIVE form, do NOT hit the back arrow in the browser!!!  It WILL clear all data!

Form is submitted to the Webmaster's email which will then be forwarded to the PUHSD Grievance Chair.