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Arizona Educators Continue To Strive for Better Funding with InvestinEd Initiative

Arizona educators and their supporters are excited and energized to continue to fight for funding for Arizona's public schools.

Following the historical Red for Ed movement, educators worked hard to continue to keep public education spending at the forefront of Arizona's budget.

Now is the time to get involved.  

  • Contact your local campus representative or RedForEd campus coordinator for information on how to get involved.  
  • Keep those calls to your State Representatives and Senators offices going!  
  • Send them a Holidays card with a reminder to remember our students.
  • Help with neighborhood walks and rallies.
  • How can you help?

Arizona Educators, Retirees, and Support Professionals Unite in a Historical March to the Capitol complex.

Were you are part of history?  We hope so!

On April 25th, 2018 Arizona educators, support professionals, retirees, and their supporters from all over Arizona gathered at the Phoenix ballpark to march almost two miles through downtown Phoenix in the heart of the business workday to the Arizona State Capitol in an effort to bring more attention to Arizona's poor education funding and the need for immediate change. 

These individuals were willing to continue this movement via a statewide refusal to return to the classrooms and work sites until action is taken.

Arizona ranks among the lowest in the nation in per student education funding and competitive salaries for both educators and support professionals.  The Arizona Educator's United (AEU) grassroots organization, who has helped educators get united to a number of up to 75,000 strong, has asked the Arizona Governor and legislature for the following on behalf of the RedForEd movement:

  • 20% salary increase for teachers to create competitive pay with neighboring states
  • Competitive pay for all education support professionals;
  • Permanent teacher salary structure which includes annual raises
  • Restore education funding to 2008 levels; and 
  • No new tax cuts until per-student funding reaches the national average 

While many school districts closed in anticipation of this event, how long they will be closed is entirely up to Arizona's Governor and legislature.  

For the most current information, please sign up for the AEU twitter feed or follow our twitter feed on the right.  You can also follow on the Arizona Education Website and tweeter feed.

CEA Members join Arizona teachers to support the RedForEd movement

Many PUHSDCEA members officially joined the national RedForEd movement to bring awareness to the need to fund public education in Arizona.  

Joined by teachers, parents, students, and administrators, many of your fellow CEA members participated in “walk-ins” to their respective campuses.  Most events started with a rally leading to participants rallying for support curbside as commuters passed by. The events, as implied, ends with a march to campus to start the educational day on time. 

Most walk-ins were met with wide scale support from commuting drivers as they would honk and wave to the participants often the full length of the walk-in line. Some events even had special guest speakers and supporters.

Several campuses have sent in pictures and/or movies of their events. which we will soon be proudly posting in our Photos area which can now be found under our "Get Involved" tab. But you can also just follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts.  You can find links to both in the column on the right.

For more information regarding the RedForEd movement and how you can help, you can follow the twitter page at #RedforEd or contact any CEA officer, Executive Board member, or campus representative.

RED   FOR   ED !!

CEA Member Empowers Undocumented Students and Families

One of own, Hugo Arreola, has been actively involved helping students and families directly affected by the DREAM Act and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) 

Brought to the United States as a child, Hugo learned he was undocumented in his senior year of high school. Thanks to DACA, Arreola is now helping students in the same school district he graduated from and working with local families to better understand their choice and options.

For his work he's has been nominated for the NEA Social Justice Award. 

For more information, click on the link below to the NEA article focusing on Hugo's outstanding efforts.

Positive Changes await you!

Members, as you return to work, remember that they are many positive changes happening.  

They involve everything from fundamental philosophy and leadership changes to essential payroll and work week changes.

Please be sure to read ALL your start of the year paperwork and contact you campus reps if you have questions.

Members!  Sign up for email alerts!

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Feel like getting involved ?

Did you know that even if you're not elected to a Officer, Executive Board or Campus Representative position, there are still many ways to be involved? 

Many campuses need on-campus helpers for their bulletin board, elections, social functions, communications, and much more. 
Contact you campus representative, any executive board member or Officer for more information!
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