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Proposition 123 needs our help!  Join us in supporting this important legislation.

There are plenty of ways o get involved, neighborhood walks, phone banks, community forums, yard signs and much more.

Be sure to come to our first community forum on March 8th!

Alhambra High School

3839 W Camelback Rd

Phoenix, Az 85019 

Employees and Neighbors Unite!  All Are welcome!

Click on the picture below to see how you can help further shape and protect public education in our state.


Help stop SB 1125 ! ! !

We need our community members to call our senators and Governor Ducey to tell them to oppose SB1125.
SB1125 is a Senate Bill that threatens to cut $211 million from public education statewide in Arizona. SB1125 would close some of our high schools, relocate 6000 students, and unemploy 702 teachers and staff in the Phoenix Union High School District alone.

We urge you and your community members to call our representatives!
Governor Ducey: 602-542-4331
Senator Driggs (Arcadia-Biltmore): 602-926-3016
Senator Worsley (Mesa): 602-926-5760
Senator Dial (Ahwatukee): 602-926-5550

The Arizona Legislature Continues to Attack Public Education

What can we do?

In Arizona, public education has had secondary even third consideration for many years. Even when voters choose to help public education, the Arizona state legislature usually finds ways to kill those efforts. 

Thankfully organizations like the Arizona Education Association (AEA) and our own CEA continue to fight to prevent them from hurting public education further as well as improve education conditions statewide and locally.


To find more information and even get more involved go to the AEA website at the link below!  They will provide more in-depth reports, a calendar of upcoming events, and way a to get directly involved.

AEA Issues and Actions Website